Sucralose is used in many food and beverage products because it is a no-calorie sweetener and is safe for consumption by diabetics.


Molar Weight397.63 g/mol
Melting Point125 °C
Boiling Point669.4 °C
Flash Point358.659 °C
Density1.69 g/cc
FormsPowder, White, Granules, Crystalline

Uses and Applications

Key applications

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Fragrances
  • Baking
  • Food additive
  • Confectionery
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Skin care products
  • Sweetener
  • Beverage
  • Personal care
  • Beauty products


  • Pharma
  • Cosmetics
  • Food

Synonyms: 1',4,6'-Trichlorogalactosucrose, E955, TGS, Trichlorosucrose, 4,1',6'-Trichloro-4,1',6'-trideoxygalactosucrose

Chemical Formula: C12H19Cl3O8

CAS Number: 56038-13-2