Recycled plastic Systalen: Go with the (material) flow

It's a plastic rainbow of color!

Since 2018, we have been working with the company “Der Grüne Punkt” (Green Dot) in order to develop application possibilities for the recycled plastic Systalen for our customers. Systalen is made from plastics obtained from the German domestic recyclingsystem known as the “Gelber Sack” or “Gelbe Tonne” – one great example of a functioning circular economy.

Systalenis a high-quality plastic granulate, which is able to replace new plastic in the manufacturing of various types of packaging and products used in the fields of building and construction and landscaping, logistics, transport and packaging technology. In this way, it is able to lower CO2 emissions and the process energy required as compared to newly manufactured plastic. This makes it a sustainable alternative and useful innovation – which is why Brenntag is involved with a pilot project that has been launched in several European countries looking at the marketing of Systalen, contributing our application expertise and advising our customers.

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