Providing aid to people affected by natural disasters

Rear view of lovely little Asian girl walking through corn field. She is experiencing agriculture in an organic farm and learning to respect the Mother Nature

Unfortunately, numerous Brenntag sites, employees and neighbouring communities in various countries were affected by serious natural disasters in 2017. Our employees here made tremendous efforts both individually and in teams by providing rapid and non- bureaucratic aid to the people affected by means of monetary donations and donations in kind. Brenntag also helped by offering additional financial assistance as well as materials to secure houses.

In September/October, a succession of severe hurricanes and storms left major devastation and damage in their wake in numerous Central American countries and regions of the US. Brenntag set up relief funds here to raise money for the employees affected and topped up the donations. For example, employees of Brenntag Northeast in Reading, Pennsylvania, collected an impressive 15 tonnes of material donations for families that lost all their possessions and raised money to purchase additional aid supplies.

In Bangladesh, our employees donated money to buy food for the victims of the devastating floods that ravaged large parts of the country during the year. At the start of November 2017, Brenntag employees in Malaysia collected material donations such as clothing, sanitary products and medicine for the people affected by flooding in the state of Penang.

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