Demonstration of professionalism: emergency team at Polish site Zgierz

"We can, we will, we must. Members of the fire department clash hands for strong group before firefighting

In the event of an emergency, they are there immediately – the responders from the emergency team. There are emergency teams at every Brenntag site. The team members receive special training and equipment and respond to events like fires and chemical spills. They perform a diverse range of tasks which are adapted to the individual circumstances at each site and coordinated with local authorities: organizing and carrying out evacuations, providing first aid or fire-fighting are just some examples.

During an incident on May 25, 2018, the emergency team at the Zgierz site in Poland demonstrated its reliability and professionalism. A fire broke out that evening on the premises of a plastic waste storage company located directly next to the site. This fire quickly developed into a major blaze that took several days to extinguish. When the flames threatened to spread to Brenntag’s warehouses, the Brenntag team worked with the fire brigade to cool down the buildings from the outside, which preventing the situation from deteriorating. After the incident, representatives of the fire brigade repeatedly praised the professional actions of our employees, the effective cooperation and the Brenntag equipment on hand.

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