Coastal Chemicals: Optimized process for oil & gas industry reduces consumption

The Brenntag subsidiary Coastal Chemicals – a specialist in the oil and gas industry – has developed the “Gas Engine Service Program” together with a major supplier of mineral oil products. As part of a multi-stage process (planning, execution, documentation and review), the customer’s use of lubricants is optimized.

For example, the frequency of oil changes can be significantly reduced, as the oil is not changed after a pre-specified number of operating hours, but rather only when it is actually necessary. Reducing the number of oil changes also lowers the volume of used and residual oil that has to be disposed of. The service also has a positive impact on occupational safety, since the reduced maintenance intensity means that employees have to deal less frequently with hot machinery in an industrial environment.

As partof a pilot project in the year under review, one customer was able to decrease its consumption of lubricants by around 328,000 litres, as it only had to perform one oil change instead of four on many of its more than 180 machines.

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