Brenntag’s Pharma section signs exclusive agreement for health-promoting product line Akovita ELIP in EMEA

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Brenntag, the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution, has signed a distribution agreement with value-adding ingredients specialists AAK for their natural Akovita ELIP product line. Effective immediately, the pharmaceutical experts at Brenntag Specialties are exclusively distributing AAK’s versatile health-promoting products in the EMEA region.

Christoph Conrad, Brenntag’s Head of Industry Market Management APIs & Supplements, Pharma EMEA, summarizes the benefits of the cooperation: “The Akovita ELIP product line is an excellent addition to our portfolio for the trending dietary supplement and fortified food industries, where we are experiencing steadily growing demand from customer inquiries. At Brenntag Specialties we see great potential for this exclusive agreement with AAK for the EMEA region. The natural origin of their products, which entail synergistic benefits and increased protection against oxidation, is a further asset.”

The Akovita ELIP products are based on phospholipids from egg yolk with a high concentration of DHA and choline. The combination of these two naturally derived components provides numerous advantages for the human body, which make the products particularly suitable for use in health supplements, as well as in fortified foods. Among other things, they help brain development, protect the heart and eyes against diseases, and strengthen the immune system against allergies.

Anders Sikjaer, AAK’s Global Sales Director in Special Nutrition, says: “We are excited about our exclusive partnership agreement with Brenntag on the Akovita ELIP range for the EMEA region. It allows us to expand our Akovita portfolio into new application areas. With Brenntag’s extensive knowledge and experience in distribution of healthy ingredients, we see great synergy and opportunities.”

To be used in multiple formulations for the pharma sector, the supplements are available in both liquid (Akovita ELIP 3020 and Akovita ELIP 5040D) and powder (Akovita ELIP 50 PWR) form. With this agreement, Brenntag is now the exclusive distributor of Akovita ELIP in the EMEA region.

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