Brenntag UK & Ireland: AdBlue self service unit COSSU receives environmental award

Semi truck in the country side

Brenntag is one of the world’s leading distributors of AdBlue®. This is a high-purity, 32.5 % aqueous urea solution which is directly injected into the exhaust gas stream of diesel engines to reduce nitrogenoxide emissions. Since we created the AdBlue® business in 2005, we have gained great experience in handling this product. Our services related to the filling and delivery of AdBlue® in large and small quantities are tailored to our customers’ individual needs.

COSSU (Consumer Operated Self Service Unit), which was developed for AdBlue® by Brenntag UK and Ireland, received an environmental award in 2018. The “APEA Environmental Protection & Improvement Award” is granted by The Sandu Foundation, a British non-profit organization. COSSU is an environmentally friendly alternative to selling the product in plastic canisters and makes it easier for fuel station operators as well as car and van drivers to avail themselves of this sustainable product.

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