Brenntag Specialties broadens its HI&I enzyme portfolio with the launch of the Perforzyme product line in North America

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Brenntag, the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution, broadens its enzyme portfolio with the launch of the Brenntag Perforzyme™ product line for the North American Household, Industrial, & Institution (HI&I) market.

Enzymes are proteins that have biological activity and are specific for the soils they break down in laundry and dish detergents. The product line is available now and includes both liquid and granular enzymes and falls under the names below:

  • Perforzyme P810L, Protease, Liquid
  • Perforzyme P79L, Protease, Liquid
  • Perforzyme P79LU, Protease, Liquid
  • Perforzyme CL, Cellulase, Liquid
  • Perforzyme ALTL, Amylase, Liquid
  • Perforzyme A200L, Amylase, Liquid
  • Perforzyme LIPL, Lipase, Liquid
  • Perforzyme P810G, Protease, Granular
  • Perforzyme P79G, Protease, Granular
  • Perforzyme CG, Cellulase, Granular
  • Perforzyme ALTG, Amylase, Granular
  • Perforzyme LIPG, Lipase, Granular

“We are excited to be able to offer our customers our very own full line of enzymes. Enzymes are a key ingredient in many modern HI&I formulations. Having the ability to add our Perforzyme enzyme line to our already robust portfolio positions Brenntag as an even more valuable solutions provider for our customers,” said Jeffrey M. Carey, Ph.D. Vice President HI&I Americas at Brenntag Specialties.

These enzymes boost the cleaning performance of bleach, laundry, and auto/dish detergents over surfactants alone. Enzymes break down and remove common stains such as grass, blood, and chocolate pudding. They are naturally occurring and biodegradable.

Those interested in a sample are welcome to reach out to Brenntag’s HI&I expert Debbie Winetzky (

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