Brenntag Specialties announces agreement to distribute CarboNet™ proprietary water treatment products

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Brenntag, the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution, has become a distributor for CarboNet Nanotechnologies, in the United States and Canada.

CarboNet’s NanoNet™ platform uses nanotechnology to develop formulas that selectively bind materials in wastewater to support the removal of contaminants. In a radical approach utilizing drug delivery polymers, the range of products offers the Oil & Gas, Mining, and Industrial wastewater industries the simplicity and performance to make water treatment more efficient and cost-effective. The platform includes both Flocculants and Coagulants used for sludge reduction, oil and metal removal, water clarification, and produced water reuse.

“The addition of the NanoNet™ suite of products enables Brenntag to offer our customers innovations that address complex water treatment challenges cost-effectively,” stated Brian Liotta, Director, Water Treatment, Brenntag Americas. “This is the latest step in the continuous evolution of Brenntag’s portfolio of chemical technology and solutions for the water treatment industry.”

The CarboNet products include NanoNet™ Fe Anionic Coagulants/Flocculant Enhancers and NanoNet™ Fe-P Anionic Flocculants and can be tuned to address specific targets within wastewater such as heavy metals and emulsified oils. Benefits of the NanoNet™ platform include greater throughput (volumes of water treated), lower wastewater disposal costs, and reductions in specialized labor.

“Water scarcity is increasingly becoming a boardroom issue for the majority of publicly-traded companies in North America. CarboNet’s proprietary NanoNet platform allows us to deploy safe chemical solutions to facilitate the transition to recycled water and therefore, lessening the demand on water sources,” said Amielle Lake, Chief Commercial Officer at CarboNet. “We are thrilled to work with Brenntag and support their customers' water treatment needs across a variety of sectors.”

About CarboNet™:

CarboNet™ is a clean technology company creating a new class of chemistry focused on water treatment and recycling. Our NanoNet™ platform radically transforms how chemicals are developed, used, and impact the planet. We offer innovative solutions that allow customers across industries to recycle more, dispose less, and minimize hazardous chemicals. Learn more at

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