Brenntag signs distribution agreement with Elementis Specialties

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Brenntag Canada Inc., part of the Brenntag Group (ISIN DE000A1DAHH0), the global market leader in chemical and ingredients distribution, has signed an agreement with Elementis Specialties Inc. for distribution in Canada.

The product lines are used in industrial and , , , inks, and products. They include rheology modifiers, slip and leveling additives, defoamers, wetting and dispersing additives, and fall under the following tradenames:

  • Bentone®, Bengel®, Benathix®, Benaqua®, Baragel®:
    Bentonite and Hectorite Organoclays
  • Dapro®: Defoamers
  • FinnTalc®, PlusTalc®: Talc
  • Nuosperse®: Wetting and Dispersing Agents and Humectants
  • M-P-A®: Anti Settling Agents
  • Thixatrol®, Thixcin®: Organic Thixotropes
  • Rheolate®: Associative Thickeners
  • SlipAyd®: Slip and Leveling Additives
  • Dumacil®: Hydrophobic Silica
  • Nalzin®: Anti-corrosive Additive

“We, at , are thrilled has chosen us as their distributor,” says Stephen Regular, Director of , Brenntag Canada. “Their high performance and versatile product line, reputation in various markets, and commitment to customer service will further strengthen our position as the preferred solutions provider to our customers.”

Elementis has over 150 years in the industry, providing ingredients for industrial and consumer markets. The company operates across five business segments: Chromium, Coatings, Energy, Personal Care, and Talc.

“We are excited about this new relationship and have no doubt Brenntag Canada will be a great channel distributor for Elementis for all our end-users,” Troy Russell, Director of Coatings in the Americas, Elementis Specialties explained. “We are particularly excited about the experienced leadership, strong sales team, , and broad geographical footprint that makes up the Brenntag Canada value proposition.”

About Elementis

Elementis is a global specialty chemical company listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company is known for its expertise in rheology and natural bio-functional ingredients and owns the world’s largest source of high-quality hectorite natural clay. Elementis focuses on scientific innovation and development of products that enhance the performance and value of customers' products in the personal care, coatings and energy markets. In 2018, Elementis acquired Mondo Minerals, a leading high-performance, high-quality talc supplier. For more information, please visit

Credits: The Brenntag and ConnectingChemistry logos are registered trademarks of Brenntag AG or its subsidiaries. Bentone, Bengel, Benathix, Benaqua, Baragel, Dapro, FinnTalc, PlusTalc, Nuosperse, M-P-A, Thixatrol,Thixcin, Rheolate, SlipAyd, Dumacil, Nalzin, are registered trademarks of Elementis Specialties.

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