Brenntag North America: Getting students enthusiastic about chemistry

The “You Be The Chemist Challenge”® (YBTC) is an interactive science competition in the USA which encourages 5th – 8thgrade students to take an interest in chemistry and its applications in everyday life. For nearly ten years, Brenntag North America and its employees have sponsored and supported this program, which was initiated by the Chemical Education Foundation in 2004. This question-and-answer competition begins at a local level in almost 40 federal states in the USA. The top students from each state then face one another in a national final. By participating, children not only improve their knowledge of chemistry, but also develop their learning, communication and time management skills and boost their self-confidence in a playful competitive environment.

Brenntag’s commitment to YBTC goes way beyond financial support. Every year, our employees recruit new schools to participate in the program. We help the children to prepare for the competition through special study guides and chemistry sets for experiments and by visiting schools. At the events at local and state level, Brenntag employees take care of the organizational and catering arrangements, act as hosts and jurors and support the children as they progress through the competition. They therefore develop a strong bond with the young participants on their path together and share in the thrill of every decision.

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