Brenntag Latin America: Yearly information week on HSE

Occupational safety is an integral part of Brenntag Latin America’s comprehensive CASA* program. A health and safety week involving workshops and informative events is held every year at all of the region’s locations as part of this program. There are demonstrations and exercises, e. g. covering the correct use of protective clothing, emergency procedures, responsible driving and healthy lifestyles. The employees are offered free health check-ups, as are their family members in many cases.

A high degree of safety awareness has developed among the employees as a result. Together with regular training sessions and the established safety measures and processes, Brenntag Latin America has succeeded in considerably reducing its accident rate over the years thanks to the CASA program.

Watch a video about CASA, the HSE program of Brenntag Latin America (YouTube).

* CASA stands for quality (CALIDAD), health and safety (SEGURIDAD & SALUD) and the environment (MEDIO AMBIENTE).

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