Brenntag Latin America: “Personalization” of safety

To increase the “personalization” of safety, the Brenntag organizations in Latin America have launched various initiatives as part of their comprehensive CASA programme*. Under the motto of “Safety is my option”, employees in Columbia are requested to perform their own individual risk analysis that also explicitly covers their personal lives in addition to their workplace and their job activities.

The “Repositioning the family” programme at Brenntag Ecuador also aims to involve the families of employees in the culture of safety through safety and rescue exercises and information events on health, group dynamics and alcohol and drug abuse, for example. Safety in their personal life and the desire to return home safely to their family every day are proven to motivate employees to engage in safe behaviour at the workplace.

The annual “CASA Week”, which was held throughout the Latin America region in April 2016, also focused on the personalization of safety. As part of this health and safety week, a diverse range of activities, workshops, games and exercises took place at all locations, with customers, suppliers and service providers also invited in addition to the families of employees.

* CASA stands for quality (CALIDAD), health and safety (SEGURIDAD & SALUD) and the environment (MEDIO AMBIENTE).

Link_ For more information on the personalization of safety see the Brenntag BEST program

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