Brenntag GmbH: Protection of soil, water and air

At Brenntag GmbH’s Duisburg site, Germany, the soil in the warehouse is protected through multiple layers, thus preventing contamination of the subsoil and the ground water (see graph). Double-walled tanks for acids and alkalis are also fitted with a collection tray.

A separate closed circuit has been installed for the water used in the site’s process engineering, in its extinguishing systems and for cleaning purposes. Industrial water is captured and then cleaned and treated in several phases before being fed into the public sewer systems just as in normal household water. Water quality is continuously monitored and documented.

A large number of measures in and around our plant engineering systems ensure air pollution control and exhaust air purification. For example, gas leakages during the process of transfer from the road tanker to the storage tank are prevented by means of a special gas displacement procedure; when drums and cans are filled, the company’s sub-surface method prevents splashes and reduces emissions; exhaust air emitted during transfer processes is purified in air washers.

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