Brenntag Germany: Sustainable refueling with R33 BlueDiesel

Adblue tank plug closeup

Since September 2018, the 21-vehicle truck fleet at the Heilbronn and Frankfurt sites of the Brenntag Group Germany have been using the innovative, particularly environmentally friendly diesel known as “R33 BlueDiesel”. Its renewable fuel content is exceptionally high at up to 33%: 26% of the diesel is high-purity, renewable paraffin (e. g. from used cooking oil from the gastronomy) and 7% is bio diesel from used rapeseed oil, for instance. The use of these high-quality fuel components help to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20% in comparison to conventional diesel fuels, taking into account the manufacturing phase (“well-to-wheel” method). In addition, the fuel can be used without having to convert the engines of diesel vehicles because it fulfils all of the criteria for diesel fuel standard EN 590.

By the end of 2018, around 80,000 litres of R33 BlueDiesel had been used to refuel Brenntag vehicles, reducing CO2 emissions by more than 50 tonnes in comparison to fossil-based diesel fuels. The use of R33 BlueDiesel at the German locations mentioned above is part of a test project in partnership with the manufacturer Shell Global Solutions, as well as Tecosol and Neste, which provide the fuels certified in accordance with European standards. This may be expanded to other Brenntag locations. Suppliers and customers may also be permitted to refuel their cars with R33 BlueDiesel in future.

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