Brenntag Expands Distribution Agreement with Arkema for Epoxides in the United States

Effective December 1, 2019, is now a distributor for epoxidized soybean oil and other specialty epoxides sold under the trade names Vikoflex® and Vikolox®.

Vikoflex® is a line of epoxy plasticizers made from renewable resources and can be used as acid scavengers, additives, reactive diluents, and viscosity modifiers. The manufacturing process for Vikoflex® uses soybean oil and other vegetable oils as the key raw materials. can be used in many different applications such as acid scavengers, functional intermediates, and reactive diluents.

“The synergistic relationship between Arkema and will deliver a valuable offering to the CASE marketplace,” explained Linda Myrick, General Manager for Arkema’s Oxygénés and Derivatives in North America. “Brenntag Specialties has a strong presence within the CASE markets. They have the resources and expertise necessary to ensure end users get the most from our Epoxide product ranges. This positions them to support development of new Vikoflex® and Vikolox® products with national coverage, logistics efficiencies, digital marketing, and technical capabilities,” Myrick explained. “As such, with Arkema’s commitment to safety, operational, and commercial excellence, it is poised to support Brenntag Specialties’ skills and capabilities.”

Located close to soybean oil producers in Blooming Prairie, MN, Arkema has been developing new uses for epoxides since the 1960s. This plant produces2more than two dozen finished products, many of which are green, sustainable, and support the local economy by utilizing soybean oil from Midwest growers.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with Arkema to include their specialty epoxides for the coating, adhesive, sealant, and elastomer markets. The Vikoflex® and Vikolox® line of specialty epoxides contain a selection of plasticizers, intermediates, and reactive diluents which enable our customers to formulate in-line with trends toward greener and renewable chemistry,” says Ted Davlantes, Vice President , Brenntag North America. “This adds to our growth strategy in the coatings and construction industry while offering products for a greener and sustainable future.”

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