Brenntag and McKay Métis Group of Companies announce agreement to create hub for energy and mining chemicals

Brenntag Canada, Inc., part of Brenntag SE, the global market leader in chemicals and ingredients distribution, and the McKay Métis Group of Companies announce major agreement to create a hub for energy and mining chemicals in Northern Alberta. The already effective agreement with Fort McKay Industrial Solutions (FMIS), a division of the McKay Métis Group, will provide a centralized source for mining and energy chemical requirements within the region.

“Brenntag Essentials Canada is very pleased and excited to announce our long-term agreement with FMIS. We feel honored and privileged to have the opportunity to build this relationship that recognizes the ancestry, heritage, and gifts of the Indigenous and Métis peoples of Canada. Both Brenntag and FMIS are committed to sustainable long-term goals, values, and principles that support the environment and communities we live and work in,” said Martin Jette, President, Brenntag Essentials Canada.

FMIS is a Certified Aboriginal Business (CAB) with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Businesses. The Canadian Council for Aboriginal Businesses connects people, businesses, and communities between Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals. FMIS’s goal is to provide its clients with top-quality transportation and construction services at affordable rates in the safest manner possible.

“The implications of this agreement go beyond just business,” said Crystal Young, CEO of the McKay Métis Group of Companies, “it shows the strengths that emerge when business and local communities work together towards a common goal of sustainable economic development. This is game-changing for us, but it is also a tremendous example for Canada.”

According to Volkan Celik, COO for Fort McKay Industrial Solutions, “This relationship allows each organization to focus on their core capabilities. Brenntag is the largest chemical distributor in the world. Among other services, they focus on managing end-to-end chemical supply and distribution. FMIS’s core capability is data-driven operational excellence. FMIS has successfully deployed many custom digital solutions to neighboring operators, streamlining and digitizing the financial management, inventory management, and requisition-to-pay processes.”

About the McKay Métis Group of Companies (MMG):

McKay Métis Group LTD is a social enterprise owned by the Fort McKay Métis Nation (FMMN). This enterprise includes companies specializing in services such as civil construction, security, rig moving, site amenities, industrial solutions, crane services, transportation, specialty, and commodity chemicals and more. Profits generated by our business are reinvested in the community. MMG has funded the Fort McKay beautification program, built parks, provided affordable housing, granted post-secondary scholarships for community members, and invested in local infrastructure. For more information, visit .

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