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WHO Is Brenntag Solutions Group

Brenntag Solutions Group is an extension of Brenntag North America acting as the inside sales and marketing team. The Solutions Group combines commodity and specialty chemical sales operating through Brenntag North America’s Regional Operating Companies to provide an efficient ordering process and insight on the latest product lines, trends and chemistries.

We are Bound to our PRINCIPles

Brenntag values accurate, consistent and open communication to nurture and grow market share together. The Solutions Group's mission is to strengthen our channel to the market by providing our suppliers and customers enhanced technical support.

Safety always comes first. Striving for zero accidents and incidents worldwide, we aim to set industry standards for safety measures. Brenntag employees are encouraged to be leaders in their respective roles who take accountability for their work and decisions. Our employees bring a high level of engagement and involvement to their business relationships.

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Our commitment to the supplier is to generate market & product intelligence, identify sales opportunities and lead management to qualify leads. With our dedicated customer focus we understand the customer's needs, wants and thoughts providing the supplier with the strategies and solutions.


Understanding your customers and the market is not only exhausting but also requires strenuous work. We’re here to cut out the tedious middle work of gathering and analyzing data. You, as the supplier, can focus on what you do best: calling the shots once our team develops the strategies and solutions. Our team has the capability to analyze research with the focus of the customer around a specific product, particular product line or simply the overall market.


Our technology based business model through inside sales cuts out the chase to maximize efficiency & productivity, in return reducing costs. It creates the ability to gather and analyze information quickly – presenting it to you to stay on top of the current market and trends.

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Our commitment to the customer is to provide efficient services with direct technical support; the Solutions Group team includes chemists, engineers and specialists. The inside sellers, located in Bethlehem, PA, provide quick responses on requests while harnessing the logistics and local inventory of the Brenntag North America's Regional Operating Companies.


Our technology based business model creates an efficient channel of communication to easily provide accessible technical and customer support. With rapidly advancing technology, we’re able to quickly detect and avoid possible conflicts from formulating chemistries to the logistics of delivery.


Operating through Brenntag North America’s Regional Operating Companies provides an efficient ordering process combining commodity & specialty chemical orders with local customer support to ensure on-time delivery.