Our Personal Care Application Center focuses on formulation development while intending to promote new ideas and concepts with new market trends and as consumer demands change. Each year our personal care chemists debut new formulations and prototypes for cosmetics, hair care, and skin care at industry trade shows. These prototypes serve to showcase trends in the personal care market, as well as unique uses for ingredients from our product offering.

These prototypes are also intended for use as starting formulas only and may be altered or modified as needed. However, all prototypes undergo stability testing at 40°C for a period of three months.

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Formulations for three different personal care Markets

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Safety and technical standards at the forefront of our formulations

Given the ubiquitous nature of cosmetic products today, safety and technical standards are an increasingly important issue for the industry. Brenntag Personal Care works closely with suppliers to ensure ingredients are safe and reliable, and our supply-chain is completely transparent.

Personal care industry chemicals have always been under scrutiny by organizations and environmental safety groups. While we applaud community efforts to maintain strong safety standards in personal care chemical distribution and use, we understand it can cause concern for those in the industry. You don’t want an innocent mistake to bring about costly fines or unwanted media attention. Our commitment to safety and to understanding industry safety requirements and standards is yet another major benefit of partnering with Brenntag.

We will help you fulfill the industry’s most stringent requirements and regulations. Our in-house market experts have their fingers tightly on the industry’s pulse to keep you ahead of the curve on new products and emerging industry trends, granting you access to our renowned technical and industry expertise as well as our extensive line-up of products.

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