Vitamin B5 naturally appears in meat, nuts, and mushrooms. Since numerous foods contain vitamin B5, it received the alternate name of pantothenic acid. "Pantothenic" means "from everywhere" in Greek. However, consumers with certain conditions need this essential nutrient. Canadian companies must include pantothenic acid in specific product types. Use a reliable distributor like Brenntag that sources pantothenic acid from the world's top suppliers.


Vitamin B5 has the chemical formula C9H17NO5 and the synonym pantothenic acid. Depending on its form, it melts at 195 degrees Celsius or below 25 degrees Celsius. Pantothenic acid features a molecular weight of 219.237 g/mol. When heated to decomposition, it emits nitric oxide. As an unstable substance, it does not hold up well to acids, bases or heat on its own. Therefore, many products contain calcium pantothenate. This calcium salt of vitamin B5 provides similar benefits in a more stable form.

Due to its solubility in water, pantothenic acid travels through the bloodstream. Excess vitamin B5 exits the body through urine. The recommended daily consumption levels for adults range from 5mg to 7mg. Humans have a tolerable upper intake level of 1,000mg for pantothenic acid, making it difficult to take too much. Large doses cause mild gastrointestinal issues. Consuming high doses of vitamin B5 does not result in any dangerous adverse effects.

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  • Calcium-D-Panthothenate BASF MTL V#500011091

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The human body requires vitamin B5 to produce hormones and red blood cells. This nutrient keeps the digestive tract healthy. It allows the body to process cholesterol and vitamins such as riboflavin. Most people have sufficient levels of pantothenic acid. However, research suggests that it lowers cholesterol when taken as a supplement.

Pantothenic acid consumption becomes critical for consumers with specific conditions. Malnutrition and certain genetic mutations can result in vitamin B5 deficiency. We have limited data on the adverse effects of a deficiency of only vitamin B5. However, previous cases show that it could cause symptoms like neuropathic pain and anorexia.

Applications of Vitamin B5 in the Food Industry

Food producers fortify products with vitamin B5 to follow regulations and market to consumers. Canada requires manufacturers to include it in items like meal replacements. America does not have any fortification requirements. However, many companies in the U.S. add it to products to enhance their marketability. American producers promote the health benefits of vitamins like B5 to make their food more appealing. Fortified items like energy drinks and cereals often include vitamin B5.

Nutraceutical companies sell a variety of supplements containing pantothenic acid. Certain products include only vitamin B5. However, many others contain it as part of a multivitamin. It commonly appears in B-complex formulas meant to enhance brain and nerve function.


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