Triethylene glycol is an odorless, colorless liquid also known as triglycol or TEG. Its chemical formula is C6H14O4, and its CAS number is 112-27-6. It has a high viscosity and boiling point, as well as a number of unique properties that are used in manufacturing and industry.

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CHEMICAL PROPERTIES of triethylene glycol

Triethylene glycol is a type of dihydroxy alcohol. It is viscous and miscible with water. Its molar mass is 150.17 g·mol−1. It has a 1.1255 g/mL density, a boiling point of 545 degrees Fahrenheit (285°C), and a melting point of 19°F (-7°C).

Production of triethylene glycol involves oxidizing ethylene at high temperatures using a silver oxide catalyst. This process produces ethylene oxide, which is refined to produce mono-, di-, or triethylene glycol.

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Uses & Applications for triethylene glycol

Smoke machines, hydraulic fluids, and brake fluids also use triethylene glycol (TEG).

oil and gas pipelines

Oil & Gas

Natural gas refineries use TEG to dehydrate natural gas, among other substances. Doing so helps prevent pipeline damage due to freezing and other issues that can affect the quality of the product when it reaches its end user.

tall buildings with glass windows


TEG is a common plasticizer used to improve the flexibility of vinyl polymers. Its low color and low volatility make it suitable for use in flooring, automotive safety glass, and residential and commercial windows.

sponge cleaning with suds


TEG has natural antimicrobial properties that, combined with its low odor and low toxicity, make it a useful component of air sanitizers and other home products. TEG is effective against airborne, solution-suspended, and surface-bound microbes such as E. coli., pneumococcus, and influenza A, among other pathogens.


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