Toluene is an aromatic hydrocarbon consisting of a CH3 group attached to a phenyl ring. Its chemical formula is C7H8. Toluene is a commonly used solvent and diluent in paint, paint thinner, and certain glues, where it is responsible for those substances' characteristic odors. On its own, toluene is a colorless, insoluble liquid. Other names for it include methylbenzene and phenylmethane.

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The boiling point of toluene is 232 degrees Fahrenheit, or 111 degrees Celsius, while its melting point is -139°F (-95°C). It has a density of 0.87 g/mL and a molar mass of 92.14 g·mol−1. Toluene is a naturally occurring by-product of certain methods of gasoline and coke production. As such, manufacturing toluene in a lab is not generally a cost-effective option. Most industrial toluene is extracted or distilled in a petroleum refinery, using a catalytic refining process.
Toluene is highly flammable and must be handled with caution. Inhalation can cause a range of symptoms, including tiredness, confusion, nausea, and memory loss. Always work with toluene in a well-ventilated area, using

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Toluene is one of the most widely used industrial solvents. Global sales of it exceed $24.5 billion annually. As a solvent, it is capable of dissolving organic compounds that water cannot. Many of its applications take advantage of this fact — toluene is an ingredient in paint thinners, adhesives, metal cleaners, nail polish removers, and correctional fluids, among other products.

Toluene is present in disinfectants, printing inks, silicone sealants, leather tanners, and polyurethane foams. It is used in the synthesis process for certain explosives, as well as in various laboratory testing kits. Toluene is also a fuel additive — one typically reserved for use in high-performance vehicles.


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