Sodium Hydroxide, better known as lye or caustic soda, is a powerful and corrosive base that is useful not only in cleaning, but in manufacturing as well.

  • Synonyms: NaOH, NaOH 25%, Sodium Hydroxide
  • INCI: Sodium Hydroxide
  • Chemical formula: NaOH
  • CAS #: 1310-73-2
  • Hazard: • GH05 Corrosive
    GHS07 Harmful


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Product specifications

AppearanceWhite solid
SolubilitiesSoluble in water
Freezing point11oF (-11.7oC)
Molecular weight40 g/mol
Weight per gallon10.65 lbs/gal
ClassAlkali, Caustic
GradeIndustrial, ACS, USP, NF Grade, Technical


Sodium Hydroxide uses include Acid Neutralizer, Alkaline Cleaner, Boiler Water Treatment, Bottle Washing, Brewery Cleaner, Buffer, Cellulose Film, Cooling Water, Dairy Cleaners, Detergents, Drain Cleaner, Drilling Mud, Food Processing, Fruit & Vegetable Peeling, Hard Surface Cleaners, Heavy Duty Cleaners, Ion Exchange Regeneration, Metal Cleaners, Oil Well Drilling Fluids, Ore Flotation, Oven Cleaner, Petroleum Refining, pH Control, Pretzels, Pulp & Paper, Scale Removers, Soap, Steam Cleaner, Textile Bleaching, Vegetable Oil Processing, Waste Water Treatment, Water Treatment

  • Water Treatment: It is used to control water acidity and to help remove heavy metals from water.
  • Paper and Pulp: It is used to help regenerate the chemicals used to pulp the wood chips into fibers in the chemical pulping process, which allows the pulp mill to reuse many of the chemicals and reduce the cost of producing pulp.
  • Food Industry: It is used in several food processing applications, such as curing foods like olives or helping to brown Bavarian-style pretzels, giving them their characteristic crunch.
  • HI&I: This chemical is usually the primary ingredient in several household cleaners including drain cleaners and oven cleaners. It is used in the manufacturing of chemicals, fabric, plastic wrap, paper, and soap.
  • Others: It is used in oil refining, hydraulic fracturing, water treatment, and metal processing.


Sodium hydroxide, better known as lye or caustic soda, is a powerful and corrosive base that is useful not only in cleaning, but in manufacturing as well.

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