A naturally occurring mineral, phosphates are commonly used for a variety of products. Phosphate is an ingredient in the fabrication of many chemicals as well as a range of agricultural fertilizers and nutritional supplements for animals. If you are wondering where to buy phosphates in the United States and Canada, you have come to the right place.


Brenntag North America is a premier supplier of phosphates in fixed and bulk quantities. We team up with the top global suppliers to offer you the best choice and value for your money. Turning to Brenntag gives your business many great advantages and value-added services you will not find elsewhere, including:

  • Custom blends and mixtures
  • Formulation assistance
  • Just-in-time delivery options
  • Our world-class supply chain management and logistics
  • Repackaging to your requirements

Brenntag’s goal is not just to supply you with phosphates — our goal is to become your trusted partner for all your specialty chemical supplier and distributor needs. You get to take advantage of our broad network of market-leading chemical manufacturers and our leveraged buying power. The result is the best selection of phosphates you will find in North America, all at competitive prices.

buy various grades of phosphates

  • Monocalcium phosphate monohyd FCC
  • Praylev aerocal 118 monocalcium phosphate mono
  • V-90 monocalcium phosphate anhd

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The best way to guarantee the quality of your final products is to start with quality ingredients. Pure and stable phosphates from our class-leading global sources allow you to tighten your processes and provide consistent final products for your customers. Our North American distribution services use the right handling methods and stewardship to ensure the quality and security of your products from the moment we receive them from your chosen manufacturer to the moment we deliver them to you.

Even after you have received your shipment, you can count on Brenntag for after-sales support. Our team is ready to answer any questions you might have and get you the solutions you need to any issues or concerns you might have. Our customers turn to us for this expertise and reputation as a leader in the United States in Canada in phosphate sales and distribution and we look forward to offering the same to your business or organization.


With over 190 distribution centers in the United States and Canada, Brenntag can react quickly and efficiently to supply you with the phosphate qualities and quantities you require. Simply contact our team at Brenntag using one of our convenient contact methods (by phone, by email or using our online message form). Tell us about the types and grades of phosphates you are interested in. You can also tell us about your end products and our experts can help you choose the right manufacturers and formulations.


Whether it's a one-off shipment for a batch of products or regular, just-in-time shipments to keep your production lines running, our team here at Brenntag is the phosphate distributor you can trust. We look forward to hearing from you and providing our renowned sales, service and support for all your chemical and phosphate needs.

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