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Chemicals for MIL-SPEC Applications

The military requires specific materials such as specialty chemicals to meet the United States' defense standards. Also known as a military standard, MIL-STD, or MIL-SPEC, these directives ensure a regulated supply. Military specifications promote uniformity, reliability, cost management, interoperability, and other measures of success. While the defense industry mainly follows these guidelines, it is not unusual to see them used for exports or the aerospace market. MIL-SPEC standards regulate items produced by a wide range of industries.

MIL-SPEC chemicals must go through thorough testing to meet the Department of Defense's requirements. Our network of MIL-SPEC chemical suppliers offers products that meet the military's standards. Count on Brenntag North America to provide military-grade chemicals for defense and aerospace.

Meeting Military Specifications for Chemicals and Materials

Defense, military, and aerospace organizations need materials that meet high expectations. These products must go through high-intensity applications that cannot afford failure. Every product sold in these industries must follow its corresponding MIL-SPEC code.

MIL-SPEC documents establish standards for properties such as:

Each chemical must meet visual standards, such as color and presence of sediment.

The freezing point, pH level, and other material properties need to meet code standards.

A product can have no more than the maximum percentage of certain compounds and no less than the minimum percentage.

Materials cannot exceed the code's maximum moisture level.

Labeling, marking, packing, and preservation of an item should match code requirements.

Each product should match the distributor's standards and specifications.

A chemical must stay safe to use in all of its intended applications.

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Military codes include not only specifications issued by the Department of Defense but also universal ones. Instead of MIL-SPEC requirements, the military may use those specific to an industry or material. The Department of Defense may require or recommend standards from organizations including:

We understand the strict requirements of the defense, military, and aerospace industries. Each of our industry-specific account managers has an understanding of the standards used for a clients' products. We can blend, package, and test your order to your specifications. As a customer-focused company, we work with every client to ensure they receive a high-quality and compliant product. Our team understands that you have unique needs that a one-size-fits-all solution cannot meet.

Why Choose Brenntag North America

We partner with world-class MIL-SPEC chemical suppliers to bring you the products required in your industry. The Brenntag application labs offer performance testing as well as physical, visual, and subjective tests. Our team members provide custom assistance with product development, cost reduction, and supply. You can rely on our custom packaging services to ensure that your purchase arrives safely and in compliance. To see what we can do for your company or organization, contact us online today.

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