What is lauric acid

Lauric acid carries a relatively unknown name outside the chemical industry, but Lauric Acid is a common ingredient in many vegetable fats — such as cooking oils — and is used in a range of treatments for diseases and infections. As a saturated fat, Lauric Acid is subject to many strict manufacturing and transportation regulations, which is why it takes an experienced distributor to guarantee top quality and reliable delivery.

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In North America, Brenntag is a top distributor of lauric acid. We use our global relationships with proven chemical producers and suppliers with our world-class supply chain to offer you competitive prices and reliable logistics that can’t be beat.

But we don’t stop there. Whereas some large distributers apply a one-size-fits-all approach to customers, Brenntag takes nothing for granted and adapt to the size and scale of your business.


To offer the best possible service, Brenntag has created a network of over 190 locations across the United States and Canada. This puts us closer to you and allows us to get to know you and understand your requirements. Our team is ready to create custom solutions for your lauric acid needs. Brenntag can:

  • Do single deliveries or create a just-in-time delivery schedule
  • Mix custom blends and offer formulation assistance
  • Repackage bulk quantities into more manageable sizes and volumes
  • Offer technical support for your questions and concerns
  • Guarantee safe and secure packaging and handling of your products

These are just a few of the ways Brenntag works harder to add value. From the moment you contact us to inquire about lauric acid, or any of our other chemical products, to the moment we deliver to your shipping door, Brenntag works to exceed your expectations. We are even available for after-sales service and support if you have any questions about your lauric acid or if you need any adjustments to your shipping schedule.


With decades of experience in the sales and distribution of chemicals and chemical products, one thing we have learned is that no two businesses have the same needs, expectations and requirements.


Take a moment to browse our online catalog of chemicals and ingredients and let us know which products you’re interested in. Then, contact us through our contact page and we will get started preparing your quotation. Come and find out how Brenntag has earned a reputation as one of the top distributors of lauric acid and other chemicals in North America and benefit from our unbeatable sales, service, and support.

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