Most people know of hydrogen peroxide — otherwise referred to as dioxidane, oxidanyl, or perhydroxic acid — as the disinfectant they keep in their medicine cabinet to help with minor scrapes and cuts. Many people are not aware that it is used in seemingly countless other applications and can even be found in the human body and other biological systems.

  • Synonyms: Dioxidane, oxidanyl, or perhydroxic acid
  • INCI: Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Chemical formula: H2O2
  • CAS #: 7722-84-1
  • Hazard: In diluted form, hydrogen peroxide presents little danger to humans and the environment, but in concentrated form this chemical needs to be handled with caution.


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AppearanceClear colorless liquid
SolubilitiesSoluble in ether and alcohol
Density1.45 g/cm³
Boiling point226.4°F
Freezing point-27°F
Molecular weight34.014 g/mol
Weight per gallon9.4200 lbs
ClassOxidizer, Peroxide
GradesNF Grade, NG/ACS, Reagent, Technical


Hydrogen peroxide use include antiseptic, bleaching agent, body wash, cosmetics, deinking paper, disinfectant, environmental applications, facial cleaner, hair bleaching, mining, oxidizer, permanent wave solutions, pharmaceuticals, pollution abatement, printed circuit boards, pulp & paper, sanitizers, textile bleaching, waste water treatment, water treatment.

  • HI&I: Hydrogen peroxide finds application in cleaning products as bleach and disinfectant.
  • Mining: It is used in bleaching process.
  • Personal Care: It is used in formulation of cosmetics products like hair bleaching, body wash.
  • Pharmaceutical: It is used in the preparation of antiseptic creams.
  • Pulp & Paper: Hydrogen peroxide is used in pulp bleaching.
  • Textiles: It is used in textile bleaching.

Quick Answers

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical with powerful disinfectant properties used to kill bacteria. It is used in applications such as antiseptic, industrial bleaching, and household cleaning products.

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