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Heptane is frequently used as a test fuel component in anti-knock tests for engines, among several other applications. Heptane is available in a variety of isomers and is sometimes referred to as Septane.

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One of the most common uses of heptane is in laboratory tests as a non-polar solvent to determine the presence of organic compounds. It works for transport and storage in its liquid form, and in a grease spot test, it is used to dissolve a spot of oil, showing the previous presence of organic compounds on the stained paper. All it takes is a shake of the stained paper in a heptane solution for around a half a minute.

In terms of commercial availability and use, manufacturers often sell heptane as mixed isomers for use in paints and coatings. Heptane can be found as a component in a rubber cement solvent listed as "Bestine”, and an outdoor stove fuel called “Powerfuel” by Primus. Pure n-heptane often shows up in research into pharmaceutical manufacturing and development. It is a minor component of gasoline.

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Heptane Properties

The molecular formula for heptane can be written as C7H16. Its molecular weight is 100.205 g/mol and it has 9 isomers and 2 enantiomers. It belongs to the family of Acyclic Alkanes. In terms of its appearance and physical characteristics, heptane is a clear and colorless liquid with an odor similar to petroleum. It is insoluble in water and less dense than water, with a flash point of 25° F and vapors that are heavier than air. Heptane is at the zero point on the octane rating scale, which means it burns explosively.

Acute exposure to heptane can be dangerous and cause a variety of symptoms, including stupor, incoordination, nausea, dermatitis, chemical pneumonitis, loss of appetite, dizziness, unconsciousness, or even peripheral neuropathy. Clear labeling and extreme caution in handling this chemical are advised.

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