What is Propyl Acetate

Propyl acetate is a colorless liquid with an odor similar to acetone. It is moderately volatile and moderately soluble, evaporating when exposed to air or mixed with water. Manufacturers use it primarily as a solvent when producing liquid rotogravure and flexographic inks. As such, it plays a crucial role in printing postcards, magazines, and cardboard containers. Coatings, wood lacquers, and aerosol sprays also use propyl acetate as a solvent.

  • Synonyms: n - Propyl Ester, N - Propyl Acetate, Normal Propyl Acetate, NPAC, Propyl Acetate
  • INCI: Propyl Acetate
  • Chemical formula: C5H10O2
  • CAS #: 109-60-4
  • Hazard: • GHS02 Flammable GHS07 Harmful


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Product specifications

AppearanceLiquid colorless
OdorMild Fruity Odor Similar to Acetone
Solubilitiessoluble in water
Boiling point215°F (101.7°C)
Freezing point-135 °F
Molecular weight102.133 g/mol
Weight per gallon7.3 lb/gal
ClassEster, Non HAP Solvent, Solvent
GradesIndustrial, ACS, USP, NF Grade, Kosher


Propyl acetate uses include adhesives & cements, cosmetics, flavors, flexographic printing ink solvent, fragrances, gravure printing ink, ink solvent, lacquers, nail polish, nail polish remover, paint solvent, solvent.

  • Coatings and Construction: It is used as a solvent in the manufacture of paints and coatings because of its ability to thin many other organic compounds. It has the power to dissolve a wide range of resins, which also makes it highly suitable as a solvent for wood lacquers and industrial finishes.
  • Personal Care: It is used in aerosol sprays, nail care and as a fragrance solvent. The FEMA flavor library states that it has notes of celery, floral, pear, and red fruit.

Quick Answers

Propyl acetate is a chemical ester used as a solvent as well as a flavor and fragrance enhancer in a variety of food products and consumer goods. It is also known as n-propyl acetate, propyl ethanoate, propyl ester, and 1-Acetoxypropane. The chemical formula of propyl acetate is C5H10O2. Its molecular weight is 102.133 g/mol.

Brenntag North America sells propanol propyl acetate for use in a range of industrial manufacturing applications. This product is listed under the CAS registry number 109-60-4 and the EC number 203-686-1.

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Propyl acetate is available in metal drums, tank trucks in variable quantities.

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