The term glycol ether refers to a group of chemical solvents used in manufacturing and other industrial applications. Glycol ethers are alkyl ethers made from either ethylene oxide or propylene oxide. All offer a low molecular weight and high boiling point, making them stable when used as solvents or intermediaries. Most are biodegradable and water soluble.


Chemical manufacturers distinguish between P-series glycol ethers derived from propylene oxide and E-series ethers derived from ethylene oxide. Dow and Brenntag North America offer several products in each category. While different chemicals have different applications, typical uses for E-series glycol ethers include inks, dyes, paints, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products such as sunscreen. P-series products are used in cleaners and degreasers, aerosol paints, and other products.

P-series products are used in cleaners and degreasers, aerosol paints, and other products. They are popular in cleaning formulations because they provide an extensive combination of basic performance and physical properties. One of the most common applications of P-series glycol ethers is as protective coatings, which makes them useful to different professionals for automotive, architectural, and industrial applications, among others.


E-series glycol ethers that Brenntag North America can provide include:

  • Butyl CARBITOL™ acetate, a coalescing solvent used in water-based architectural and industrial coatings, specialty printing inks, and certain agricultural pesticides. Also known as diethylene glycol n-butyl ether acetate, it has a chemical composition of C4H9O(CH2CH2O)2C(O)CH3 and offers a good balance between volatility and water solubility.
  • Hexyl CELLOSOLVE™, a solvent with a high boiling point and slow evaporating rate. Its chemical formula is C6H13OCH2CH2OH. Applications include solvent-based silk screen printing inks and industrial and household surface cleaners.

Brenntag North America carries more than 10,000 commodity and specialty chemicals and ingredients, including a wide range of Dow E-series and P-series glycol ethers. We would be happy to go over your requirements and recommend a suitable product.

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Brenntag North America is a longstanding partner to manufacturers across North America. To facilitate fast order fulfillment and on-site service to our clients, we maintain a network of 190 locations in the U.S. and Canada alone. We are a top distributor of these products and understand the company's diverse product lines better than anyone.

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