Value added services for the polyurethane industry

Polyurethanes, which come in rigid and flexible types, are widely used in foam seating, furniture, house and wall insulation panels, interior components of automobiles, cleaning materials, footwear, refrigerators and freezers, wheels and tires, carpet underlay, hard plastic parts, and more.

Brenntag offers solutions to many polyurethane requirements, through:

  • Polyol and isocyanate
  • Polyurethane chemicals
  • Other raw materials

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Antioxidants and UV stabilizers

The use of appropriate stabilization systems protects not only the polyol during processing but also your finished polymer during its service life, when ongoing exposure to heat and light inevitably degrades polyurethane products.

Automotive door trims, instrument panels, steering wheels, head and arm rests, window sealants, sportswear and even shoe soles are all affected by long-term exposure, causing changes in their physical or mechanical properties. Our team will find the right solution for you or help you develop your own formulations.

Silicone surfactants

Our silicone surfactants product portfolio helps meet a variety of needs across a wide range of applications – from footwear to mattresses, automotive interiors to spray foam insulation used in refrigerators and construction. These essential additives allow you to optimize your system, solve problems and develop innovative products for your customers by:

  • Improving emulsification and nucleation
  • Preventing coalescence
  • Stabilizing cell membranes
  • Increasing ingredient compatibility and decreasing surface tension

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Meeting all of your chemical needs

We’re here to help you implement all aspects of the relevant regulatory and safety requirements. Our team members serve as a single point of contact to our entire organization and provide access to an international network of chemical manufacturers who can meet all your chemical needs. Backed by our global organization and a close, long-lasting relationship, you can focus on your core business, knowing that fast responses and meaningful solutions minimize complexity and risk in your daily business.

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