Brenntag is a world-class solutions provider who continuously aligns with premier specialty ingredient suppliers. This gives us the ability to present customers with the most current product offerings. Our extensive portfolio, technical support, and value-added services make us the leader in the Personal Care sector, allowing us to provide solutions guaranteed to meet all formulation needs.

Brenntag understands how significant baby care is for families and is committed to using only the industry's standard safest ingredients in our solutions. Never compromise on the safety and health of your baby with Brenntag ingredients.

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Whether you are looking to improve your bath experience or just looking for healthier alternatives for your daily routine, Brenntag has your wellness in mind. We only include the very best ingredients in soaps, shampoos, fragrance oils, and more.

Everyone wants to look their best, whether it's for a special occasion or an impromptu selfie. Brenntag's beauty department solutions let you confidently take charge of any moment by creating the best ingredients for a full array of color cosmetics and makeup.

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Brenntag puts just as much importance on the look and feel of your hair as you do. Whether you are looking to increase your hair's volume, battle dandruff, or improve its overall health, make sure Brenntag is in the solution you choose.

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Healthy, hydrated looking skin is just about at the top of everyone's wish list. Let Brenntag help give your skin the look and feel you want with our specialized beauty ingredients in skincare solution products.

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Protecting you and your loved ones from the sun's UV rays doesn't have to be a complicated problem. There is a vast amount of health benefits by effectively applying sun lotions and sunscreen agents that protect your skin even while tanning.

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Gain Access to the Finest Personal Care and Cosmetic Ingredients

As a top distributor of personal care ingredients in the United States, Brenntag is passionate about providing the best possible products to its personal care ingredient customers. Brenntag recognizes personal care is a rapidly evolving industry, with competitors constantly looking for that new formulation to distinguish them from the pack.

When you partner with Brenntag as your personal care chemical distributor, you not only get access to the finest personal care and cosmetic commodity and specialty chemicals, but also the finest team of cosmetic chemical suppliers. They are trained to assess your business and determine the best Brenntag personal care products and services to benefit you.

Brenntag Personal Care is comprised of a dedicated team committed to discovering innovative solutions. We built an outstanding reputation for providing superior, solution-oriented support to exceed the needs and expectations of our partners.

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Foundations and powders

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Brenntag is a complete distributor for any cosmetic chemicals supplier. If there's a product or type of product in the personal care space you don’t see or aren’t sure whether or not we carry, please get in touch and ask us. As a company designed to service any major cosmetic chemicals supplier or customer in the United States, we’re sure we can accommodate you, and perhaps steer you toward products you didn’t even know you needed but could benefit your business tremendously.

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We are a team of cosmetic chemicals experts committed to maximizing the benefits you gain from the products we offer. When you join forces with the Brenntag team, you will be partnered with a local account representative to function as your gateway to the entire Brenntag organization.

Our Personal Care team can leverage the full breadth of our global supply-chain and product range to devise the perfect solution to your business problems. Our customers in the personal care chemicals space have an advantage other personal care ingredient distributors simply cannot match in both the specialty and commodity product space. View all of our products by clicking the links below!

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In our state-of-the-art personal care formulation laboratories, we develop tailor-made, novel formulations, and concepts to differentiate your products. We offer a comprehensive range of ingredients, including:

Our primary goals for this application center are to develop starting formulas for the skin care, hair care, and nail care markets while assisting customers with existing formulas or the development of new formulas.

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Given the ubiquitous nature of cosmetic products today, safety and technical standards are an increasingly important issue for the industry. Brenntag Personal Care works closely with suppliers to ensure ingredients are safe and reliable, and our supply-chain is completely transparent.

Personal care industry chemicals have always been under scrutiny by organizations and environmental safety groups. While we applaud community efforts to maintain strong safety standards in personal care chemical distribution and use, we understand it can cause concern for those in the industry. You don’t want an innocent mistake to bring about costly fines or unwanted media attention. Our commitment to safety and to understanding industry safety requirements and standards is yet another major benefit of partnering with Brenntag.

We will help you fulfill the industry’s most stringent requirements and regulations. Our in-house market experts have their fingers tightly on the industry’s pulse to keep you ahead of the curve on new products and emerging industry trends, granting you access to our renowned technical and industry expertise as well as our extensive line-up of products.

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Looking for Personal Care educational resources? Easily browse and read all of our educational content for personal care.

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