From efficiently powering manufacturing plants and vehicles to keeping households warm in winter and cool in the summer, modern society depends on having access to a consistently safe and reliable supply of energy. We understand the importance of the Oil and Gas market and fully commit ourselves to being the strongest, most strategic partner.

To make your daily business easier, we provide the following advantages in terms of efficiency, service, and expertise:

  • 50+ years of growth and investment into the Oil and Gas industry
  • Our reputation for quality and reliable service
  • An extensive product line and value added technical services
  • Team of loyal customers and suppliers


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Committed to fulfilling each of our partners’ individual needs

Brenntag’s Oil and Gas experts understand the importance of successfully navigating the industry’s increasingly complex supply chain, distribution channels and regulations. In order to best equip our customers and suppliers with the tools and products needed to surmount these additional and increasing obstacles, we are committed to fulfilling each of our partners’ unique and individual needs. Our customers and suppliers count on us to identify opportunities that add value to their operations and boost productivity.

Covering all markets Brenntag’s key Oil and Gas principals are among the top suppliers globally due to their reputation for providing state-of-the-art technology and world class products and services. We offer greater market coverage than our competitors, a flexible logistics network and a worldwide supply-chain to obtain the highest-quality goods on the market.

We provide a full line of products and services to the refinery, petrochemical, pipeline, gas plant, and Oil and Gas producing and processing industries. Servicing upstream, midstream, and downstream markets, we have the technical know-how and experience to support you in selecting the right chemistry that fits your needs. Brenntag Oil and Gas can deliver the means to improve your performance irrespective of the application or business area:

  • Upstream drilling operations and cementing, stimulation and reconstruction chemicals
  • Midstream facilities for the production of oil and gas
  • Gas plant optimization
  • Pipeline cleaning and integrity program
  • Downstream refineries and petrochemical and ethanol plants

Supplying state-of-the-art technology, products and expertise

Based upon superior knowledge of products and applications, markets and trends, industries, suppliers, and consumer requirements, we develop and deliver creative, leading-edge and sustainable solutions helping our customers and suppliers focus on their core business.

Customers who choose Brenntag as their chemical distributor gain access to our team’s unbeatable technical expertise. We offer a dynamic level of professional service that is unparalleled in the chemical industry.

Engineers, technicians, product experts and sales agents work closely with you to deliver customized solutions to any business challenge, from developing in our own labs tailor-made products and customer-specific blends to utilizing our global sourcing network and full product-line to reduce supply-chain costs.

Our key account managers possess years of industry experience, are experts in their respective regions and product areas, and serve as a gateway to the wider Brenntag organization. They are devoted to building an intimate understanding of each customer and supplier’s individual needs and operating environment by sharing their knowledge of our products and applications through on-site visits and technical workshops.

Responding quickly to your concerns

Our technicians and experts are on hand to deliver our broad product lineup, service portfolio and technical expertise to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Throughout our relationship with you, our Oil and Gas team will remain in close contact to monitor improvements in technical performance and customer satisfaction. We respond quickly to customer concerns, while our in-house logistics experts are prepared to leverage the entire Brenntag network to deliver creative and tailor-made operational and supply chain solutions, including:

  • Upstream drilling fluid, well service chemicals, and vendor managed inventory logistics
  • Midstream chemicals, including engine lubricants, coolants, glycols, H2S scavengers, corrosion inhibitors, and other strategic production chemicals
  • Downstream commodity and specialty chemicals sold into refinery and petrochemical markets
  • Specialty amines for gas treating, adsorbents for purification processes, molecular sieves, carbon and bed support media
  • NSPEC pipeline services
  • Complete industrial chemicals portfolio (e.g. inorganics, solvents, oxidizers)

Providing a global network

We are strategically positioned throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific in coordination with Coastal Chemical, a Brenntag Company fully dedicated to the Oil and Gas industry, and are committed to being the leading chemical distributor servicing this strategic market.

Our broad network, unmatched in the industry, provides our partners access to global reach with local execution. With our industry leading reputation and commitment to provide the finest product lines, technical expertise, cost reducing services, and world class customer support with the highest safety standards to our Oil and Gas partners, we look forward to earning your business.

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