We provide a broad line of chemical products as well as alliances with both local and internationally known suppliers to the Pulp & Paper industry. With over 100 years of business, we are well positioned to provide customers with a diverse array of quality products and services at competitive prices.

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At Brenntag, we have an extensive list of chemicals used in different applications throughout the papermaking process, especially for the bleaching operation. We provide methanol for your onsite chlorine dioxide generation as well as chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, sulphur dioxide, magnesium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, and chelating agents for your CEDED process. Whether your process is ECF or you need to brighten your deink fiber, Brenntag can provide the chemistry and secure sourcing you need.

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Brenntag supplies the chemicals needed to complete the process of ECF deinking or the use of elemental chlorine-free bleaching to remove ink fibers in pulp and paper. Deinking allows the industry to impact the environment positively by recycling more paper, saving trees, and keeping our world green.

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Brenntag offers line MRO supplies and services including, fluid management, oil analysis, and tank cleaning. We also have a number of value added services such as technical support and custom mixing and blending.

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Brenntag's line of chemicals for paper making includes acids, biocides, and starches. Explore Brenntag's reliable chemical solutions developed specifically to improve the pulp and paper making process.

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Pulp preparation is an important step in the paper recycling process. Brenntag's line of pulp and paper products such as defoamers, sodium hydrosulfite, and sodium sulfate are vital ingredients for any recycling paper process.

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The amount of water usage during the process of recycling paper from pulp is enormous compared to other industries. Brenntag understands this, which is why our line of water treatment chemicals ensures you are getting the most out of your onsite water treatment solutions.

BROWSE OUR broad RANGE OF chemical products

Our efforts focus on the growing needs of our pulp and paper customers for quality products and value-added services. While we are the largest chemical distributor in the world, we maintain a local point of view with locations strategically placed across North America offering prompt, responsive service. We have a wide range of technologies available to meet all your performance requirements. Browse by the categories listed here or utilize Brenntag Connect, our new e-commerce site, which allows you to browse all pulp and paper products at once, request pricing, download safety data sheets, or access all your purchasing documents after you're registered.

BleachingEnvironmentMRO Supplies & ServicesPaper MakingPulp Preparation
Chelating AgentsAcidsCleaning and Descaling ChemicalsAcidsDefoamers
Hydrogen PeroxideActivated CarbonDeicersAlkalisSoda Ash
Magnesium HydroxideAlkalisHeat Transfer FluidsBiocidesSodium Hydrosulfite
MethanolAmmoniaLubricantsStarchesSodium Sulfate
Sulphur DioxidesCoagulantsSoaps and Cleaners Sodium Sulfite
 DefoamersTank Cleaning Services  
 Ion Exchange Resins   
 Magnesium Hydroxide   
 Nitrogen Blends   
 Phosphoric Acid   
 Sodium Hypochlorite   
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Providing superior product services

Regardless of which chemicals for the pulp and paper industry applications you choose, you’ll have access to a host of value-added services to ensure the highest product quality and reduce your costs. Our chemical mixing services can create a custom ingredient blend meeting your specifications. Your dedicated account manager works closely with you to assess product needs and ensure you receive a high-quality chemical to resolve your unique manufacturing issue.

Our capabilities also include custom and bulk packaging, as well as compressed gas packaging. If you need formulation assistance, our team of expert in-house technicians can provide trustworthy guidance through every step of the process. If you’re looking to offer innovative products to differentiate your company and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace, we provide product development services to help you achieve those goals.


When you purchase chemicals used in the pulp and paper industry from Brenntag, you also get world-class business support capable of enhancing your company’s profitability. Brenntag Solutions Group serves as the inside sales and marketing arm of Brenntag North America, combining the commodity and specialty ingredient channels operating throughout our ROCs. This results in a more efficient ordering process, while also providing greater insight into our specialty and industrial chemical product lines.

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We're able to offer our custoemrs a broad range of value-added services:

  • Global sales, service, and sourcing capabilities
  • Technical seminars, ongoing advice, and consultation on secondary wastewater treatment
    and process issues
  • Customer made chemical and nutrient blends designed to meet mill-specific needs
  • Chemical facilities design and production handling assistance
  • Vendor managed inventory services
  • On-time deliveries
  • Tank telemetries
  • e-Commerce and online store access
  • Supply chain management assistance


Brenntag has been providing high-quality chemicals for pulp and paper industry applications since the 1970s. Our distribution network has grown to include approximately 190 locations spread throughout the North American continent. Six strategically located Regional Operating Companies (ROC) oversee the operation of our distributors.

This unique hub-and-spoke arrangement ensures fast, efficient delivery of chemicals used in the pulp and paper industry. Our larger distribution locations serve as fully equipped hubs capable of performing blending and mixing and provide storage for packaged products. Our smaller locations primarily provide additional package goods storage for our larger facilities. With this system, we can offer just-in-time delivery preventing you from carrying a backlog of specialty and industrial chemical products, which can significantly reduce your inventory costs.


Brenntag Pulp & Paper brings the industry a broad line of chemical products as well as alliances with both local and internationally known suppliers. With over 100 years of business savvy, we are well positioned to provide customers with a diverse array of quality products and services at competitive prices.

We have unparalleled ability to support our multinational customers with Brenntag's globally based organization. Quality is a main priority and we have a corporate commitment to Responsible Distribution & Responsible Care. We take great pride in being the first chemical distribution company in North America to achieve both ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 registrations.


The Brenntag sales and technical teams consist of seasoned professionals who are experts in their specific business area. When you order our chemicals for pulp and paper industry applications, you receive specialized knowledge that will make a meaningful difference in your business’s performance. Feel free to contact us for additional information, or to receive a no-obligation quote.


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