offering you a full-line product portfolio

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Thanks to our multitude of global suppliers and our network of more than 490 locations worldwide, Brenntag has extensive global sourcing capabilities, offering you a full-line product portfolio of more than 10,000 industrial and specialty chemicals.

Our distribution network covering all markets enables you to procure your products locally, regionally and globally, including best-in-class services, and high standards for safety and quality management.

providing tailor-made solutions for all our customers

At Brenntag, we source, purchase, store and transport large-scale quantities of both industrial and specialty chemicals. To provide tailor-made solutions for all our customers, we repackage chemicals from large bulk volumes into smaller units, ensuring filling, labeling, and palletizing according to customer requirements.

By offering consolidated centralized purchasing, you are provided with a single point of contact to reduce your number of purchasing sources and decrease complexity for all processes.