WACKER / Brenntag North America to Showcase Silicone Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry at 2013 ATCE

Adrian, MI, September 24, 2013 – WACKER, the global chemical group and its chemical distribution partner, Brenntag North America, will be showcasing its comprehensive portfolio of silicon-based products and unique distribution customer support services at the 2013 ATCE. Aimed at providing oil field and gas producers the combined advantages of performance-enhancing products, global technology and locally-based product availability, the WACKER/Brenntag customer support service offering is geared to provide effective and efficient oil field and production related business solutions. WACKER and Brenntag North America are co-exhibiting at the 2013 ATCE in New Orleans, September 30 – October 2, booth #2801.

Performance-Enhancing Products
WACKER’s expertise in silicon-based technology is widely recognized with specific product offerings particularly well-suited for applications in the oil and gas industry. The breadth and depth of the product portfolio is impressive. The products range from silanes for adhesion promotion, fluids and fully-formulated emulsions for high efficiency defoaming to coatings and process aids for resin-coated proppants. Additionally, WACKER offers surfactants for drilling and production demulsifiers as well as specialty siloxane additives for well-bore hydrophobization.

In the drilling process, every minute of downtime counts as lost time getting to production. WACKER offers a broad line of field-tested and proven silicon-based additives engineered to improve throughput and drilling efficiency. These additives range from SILFOAM® silicone defoamers, lubricity additives and innovative products for shale stabilization. SILFOAM® silicone defoamers are offered as emulsions, powders or dispersions and are engineered to address extreme variations in temperatures and storage issues mainly due to climatic or environmental differences. Developed for drilling into shale formations, SILFOAM® SD, SE and SP grades are especially compatible with environmentally-friendly delivery systems.

Cementing is critical to the integrity of every well with long-term performance essential to operational reliability and performance. WACKER‘s silicon-based additive line is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of down-hole drilling during both the installation phase and operational phase. The products are ideal for defoaming cementitious materials, but also indispensable in enhancing the overall physical performance of the cement. During cement slurry mixing, many additives are essential to preserve the integrity of the material such as fluid loss additives and anti-settling agents, which are used to diminish foam generation and air entrapment. This foam generation can result in pump cavitation and density issues as well as poor mixing and problems with cement quality and integrity. SILFOAM® silicone fluid emulsions perform particularly well in extreme environmental conditions with great efficiency. Additionally, SILRES® additives provide long-term performance benefits by imparting improved hydrophobicity and bulk physical properties to cement. This translates into higher integrity, less potential failure and exceptional durability.

Hydraulic fracturing has added another dimension in the process for developing untapped oil and natural gas reserves. Resin-coated proppants play an integral part in the overall success of hydraulic fracturing. As the dynamics of fracturing changes, it is essential to optimize the performance of resin-coated proppants to facilitate higher and longer-term conductivity.

  • Proppant Manufacturing: The recent introduction of several new products offers manufacturers highly attractive processing aid and performance benefits. WACKER® SG 3380, WACKER® SG 3381 and WACKER® SG 3382 silicon glycol fluids provide improved performance benefits such as free-flowing, non-static and non-agglomerating proppants that deliver improved cycle times during manufacturing. Additionally, these newly introduced products also impart advantages, such as greater stability during delivery and longer-term storage.
  • Resin and Proppant Manufacturers: Improved adhesion of the polymer coating to proppant materials can translate into higher conductivity and pack-life for fracture jobs. As an adhesion promoter, WACKER’s GENIOSIL® silane grades excel in optimizing the adhesion process. Thus GENIOSIL® improves the overall performance of the proppant and greatly adds to the efficiency of the fracture job.
  • Resin Manufacturers: WACKER® resin modifiers allow the manufacturer to enhance crucial performance needs. WACKER® silicon modifiers provide innovative approaches to modifying these coatings with the ability to impart improvements in crush performance, chemical resistance, pack life and the reduction in the development of fines.

With WACKER’s wide selection of silicon-based products, advanced product technology and hands-on technical support, realizing a more efficient production process is possible. Efficient production processes are critical to optimizing oil and gas throughput. Key stages in production such as gas, oil and water separation are often times plagued with efficiency issues related to excessive foaming and critical separation dynamics. WACKER’s SILFOAM® grades are available in powder, emulsion, dispersion or in compound form, making them ideal for easy incorporation into almost any production application process. SILFOAM® effectively acts as a “knock-down” agent to control and regulate foam formation, thus helping to optimize production rates and operating efficiency.

The refining process is typified by extreme operating conditions calling for efficient, yet durable functional solutions. It is these conditions in which WACKER silicon-based products provide optimum performance by addressing the severe foaming conditions that can occur and impede refinery production rates. WACKER’s SILFOAM® defoamers and WACKER® AK fluids enhance the refining process through improved efficiency by reducing loading levels, thus helping keep the refining process operating at the highest possible output. Foam control is essential in the distillation (vacuum or atmospheric) columns, in high temperature cokers and visbreakers. SILFOAM® and WACKER® AK fluids are also indispensable in controlling foam generated in the refinery waste water treatment process.

Local Warehousing / On-time Supply / Regional Support
WACKER, a globally leading chemical company, and Brenntag, the worldwide leader in chemical products distribution, offer the oil field customer product solutions and a service and supply model unique to the industry. Brenntag, WACKER’s global distribution partner, is close to your business, servicing your needs from 450 distribution points located in more than 70 countries, including an extensive distribution network in the Americas. Brenntag supplies a complete oil and gas products portfolio, superior supply chain performance, consistent and responsive service, and access to local support and global technology. The combined strength of Brenntag’s logistics excellence and WACKER’s technical expertise ensures the oil field customer a comprehensive and unique advantage covering both product solutions and service support.

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Silicone fluids, emulsions, rubber and resins; silanes; pyrogenic silicas; thermoplastic silicone elastomers

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