Brenntag Solutions Group Outsourcing Strategy Proves Successful

Published in Informex Show Daily, San Francisco 2/17/10

Brenntag North America has achieved great success through the formation of the Brenntag Solutions Group and the launch of an Outsourcing Strategy. Its success was achieved by satisfying specialty chemical manufacturers' requirements for market industry research and lead management, as well as technical sales and support. Brenntag is expanding its service offerings to include product storage, packaging and logistics.

Although outsourcing is not a new concept, it has grown in scope to include not just non-core manufacturing activities, but information technology, packaging and logistics responsibilities. Many chemical producers are looking for innovative ways to change their distributor sales strategy beyond the traditional approach.

Brenntag has developed successful outsourcing relationships with leading specialty chemical producers, including Arkema, Aqualon, BASF, Cognis, Dow and Eastman.