Brenntag Canada and Fuji Chemical Industries Announce Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Effective April 1, 2020, Brenntag Canada is the exclusive distributor of Fuji Chemical’s premium line of excipients in Canada.

Fuji’s premium line of excipients is produced using their spray drying capabilities and includes Neusilin®, Fujicalin®, F-MELT®, and FujiSil™.

  • Neusilin® - is Magnesium Aluminometasilicate USP/EP/JP.
    It improves powder flowability, is an excellent adsorbent for
    oily actives, is an anticaking agent, and acts as a stabilizer
    for deliquescent drugs
  • Fujicalin® - is a unique form of Dibasic calcium phosphate
    anhydrous (DCPA). It provides flowability, rapid disintegration,
    high direct compressibility, high oil adsorption capability, is
    non-abrasive, and can improve survivability of
    probiotics during tableting
  • F-MELT® - ready-to-use excipient base for ODTs. It provides
    an easy way to produce fast melt tablets on conventional
    tableting equipment that disintegrate within 30 seconds. It is
    directly compressible, extremely flowable, and produces
    tablets with excellent mouth feel
  • FujiSil™ - is a unique form of Silicon Dioxide USP/NF. It is a versatile excipient that has superior adsorption properties and can turn oily actives into a free-flowing powder, improve tabletability, be used as a carrier for solid dispersions, and aids in moisture protection

“The addition of Fuji’s premium line of excipients is a testament to our dedication in strengthening our overall offering to the Canadian Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical markets,” states Jim Sally, Vice President, Brenntag Canada. “The addition of this product line to our current portfolio and dedicated technical staff gives Brenntag a solid and exciting value proposition for our customers.”

Since 1946, Fuji has been producing excipients at their manufacturing site in Toyama, Japan. These excipients can be used in pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, nutraceutical, personal care, and CBD/cannabis applications.

“We are pleased to add Fuji Chemical's specialty excipients to the Pharmaceutical and ingredients portfolio at Brenntag. This exclusive agreement will benefit our customer base by providing a local touch to support their development,” said Anne-Marie Gaudet, Pharmaceutical Industry Manager, Brenntag Canada.

About Fuji Chemical Industries co., LTD, USA, Inc.:

Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production and sale of pharmaceutical products/synthesis, the manufacture of pharmaceutical and bulk pharmaceutical products, and the production and sale of food additives. It offers contract manufacturing services that include API manufacturing; functional APIs, such as drug intermediates; and drug products manufacturing. The company also provides excipients and drug delivery systems.

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