Our commitment to creating a best-in-class customer experience is achieved through gathering feedback from our customers. Customers are asked to rate their experience with Brenntag on a variety of areas such as quoting a product or delivering and invoicing a shipment.

We continue these surveys throughout each year, committing to utilize the input for further improvement. Our focus is on moving the needle to achieve ‘best-in-class’ service for all stops along the customer journey.

If you participated in a past survey or are contacted for a future survey, we thank you for your time and feedback. Your input is very important to us and each of our customer relationships.

Our commitment to bringing you excellence

Innovation Hub Creation

Our commitment to creating a best-in-class customer experience is achieved through listening to customer feedback and making improvements.

In the past year we've launched our Food & Nutrition, HI&I, and Personal Care Application & Development Centers, as well as launching our Coatings & Construction Technology & Innovation Center. These three Centers make up our Innovation Hub, located in Allentown, PA.

Learn more about how the Innovation Hub can help bring you excellence through process, product, and formulation assistance.

Brenntag Connect

In 2018, we made plans to improve your online experience, so we launched our new e-commerce site, Brenntag Connect. This new platform allows you to:

  • View and download documents: Download safety data sheets 24/7, as well as request any other documentation directly from the site.
  • Search products and get prices: Search for products by industry or supplier. View prices of previous orders and directly request a quote for new products.
  • Place orders and track shipments: Order your chemicals in just a few clicks. Track the status of all your orders placed online through your account.

Learn more by visiting the site.

Standing together during COVID-19

To support the fight against Coronavirus, Brenntag North America, Arkema, and ExxonMobil worked together on a donation of 40,000lbs. of disinfectant. ExxonMobil made the volume of IPA available and Brenntag was proud to donate the product to Arkema, who is now repurposing their production line to make hand sanitizer.

View Arkema's full press release here.


It's not what you do, but how you do it and your satisfaction is our goal. Trust Brenntag to provide you with excellent service from start to finish. We value our customers and embrace a we care culture by putting the customer first and handling every interaction with care. Our we care culture means we:


“Always service customers on a professional level. Provide each customer with full access to suppliers, technical support, and attention to detail provided by our customer service groups.”

Don Kelley, Corporate Account Executive, Brenntag Specialties, Inc.
“Answering my phones 24/7 and always putting my customers first. I do not end my day with unheard voicemails or unanswered emails.”

Robbie Bishop, Account Executive, Brenntag Pacific
"Service Excellence is going that extra step (adding a bit of sparkle you might say) to how we interact with others. thinking outside the box, finding a solution rather than forwarding to the next person, giving the customer more than what they asked for. It’s simply smiling while talking and remembering to say thank you! We are all busy, but if we can help make someone’s day a bit easier and provide some sparkle, it can go a long way."

Amanda Lavoe, Account Coordinator, Brenntag Great Lakes
"Service excellence is showing the customer, internal and external, how important they are to you and to the business as a whole. I believe that’s accomplished by developing personal relationships based on trust, empathy, and gratitude. It’s truly not what you do, but how you go about doing it that makes the difference."

Amanda Stevens, Account Executive, Brenntag Southwest


Based on customer feedback, Brenntag has taken many steps to improve the customer experience and achieve our Service Excellence goals. Each of our regional operating companies play a critical role in setting their own action plans, which collectively lead to the overall success of Service Excellence. Here are examples of some recent steps we’ve taken:

  • Improved speed of customer quotation process
  • Implemented new tools to assure speed of responses (ex. Qlik, Salesforce)
  • Enhanced training programs for new employees
  • Created new processes to improve ability for rush orders
  • Enhanced inside sales and commercial support services programs
  • Created cross-functional teams to review and act on customer feedback
  • Enhanced customer service communication to customer
  • Strengthened partnerships with strategic suppliers and carriers
  • Expanded company fleet to include more drivers
  • Invested in technology to improve customer delivery communication