Our History

We are part of the Brenntag Group, which entered the ingredient and chemical distribution business in 1912. Brenntag has successfully expanded to become the world market leader in full-line chemical distribution. Our U.S. business was established in the 1970’s and expansion included acquisitions of distributors.

From the first expansion beyond Germany in 1966, through the entry into the U.S. market in the early 1970's, to their accelerated growth worldwide throughout the past two decades, much of the growth has been enabled by selective acquisitions in key growth areas around the world.

  • 2012

    100 Years in Chemical Distribution

    Brenntag looks back on a successful history in the chemical distribution industry for 100 years.

    The free float of the Brenntag shares increases to 100% through the selling of the remaining shares of Brachem Acquisitions S.C.A.

    Continued growth through the targeted acquisition of TER Corporation and ALTIVIA Corporation in North America.

  • 2000

    Brenntag Canada Established

    In 2000, Brenntag acquired HCI and became the world market leader in chemical distribution over night. This purchase resulted in one more name change for the resilient Canadian operation originally known as Standard Chemicals and Brenntag Canada Inc. came into being.

  • 1998

    Chlorine Packaging Facility

    More recently in 1998, HCI Canada purchased a chlorine packaging facility located in Cornwall, Ontario from Pioneer Chemicals.

  • 1996

    Travis Chemicals

    In 1996, HCI Canada began a series of acquisitions. The company acquired a color concentrates production facility to complement the resin and plastics distribution business. The following year, HCI Canada purchased Travis Chemicals an oil & gas supply business based in Alberta, which significantly increased its share of this important market.

  • 1990

    HCI Acquired Stanchem

    Impressed by Stanchem’s successful position in the market, HCI acquired the company in 1990. At this time, the HCI Group was the fifth largest chemical distributor in the world with impressive market share in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and North America and holding the number one position in Latin America.

  • 1988

    CIL became ICI Canada

    In 1988, CIL became ICI Canada, who began to divest non-core Canadian businesses, including Stanchem.

    The timing could not have been better. In another part of the world, Holland Chemical International (HCI), was looking for an opportunity to extend and strengthen its presence in North America beyond its original South American roots.

  • 1985

    CIL Acquired Stanchem

    The Canadian chemical industry began to change rapidly in the 1980’s. In 1985, CIL acquired Stanchem and merged it with its General Chemicals distribution business.