Aromas and Fragrances

In December 2011, Brenntag acquired AMCO International S.A. de CV in Mexico, allowing us to enter the flavor and fragrance business in Latin America.

We have two divisions: aromatic chemical products/essential oils and food additives. We implemented long-term strategies aimed at sustained growth in both divisions. We are currently the largest marketer of aromatic chemical products and essential oils in Mexico and one of the main suppliers to major food and beverage industries.

Essential oils and aromatic chemical products

We supply aromatic chemical products and essential oils from multiple sources and stock various manufacturers of flavors and fragrances in the world. As the largest supplier in Mexico and one of the most important in the world, we have the buying power and market knowledge to provide high quality materials at competitive prices. We strive to update market information in a timely manner, maximize goods in transit and offer high volumes of inventories.

Food Additives

We have positioned ourselves as one of the largest suppliers of food additives; given our main customers are international food and beverages manufacturers.
The success of this division results from our capacity to offer the highest quality products at competitive prices in accordance with the specifications of our customers. To the extent that markets demand more sophisticated products, we design new strategic partnerships to respond effectively to the increasingly complex requirements of our customers.

Quality control

Our commitment to quality is uncompromising. To this end, we carry out a comprehensive Total Quality Program in all our operations. Our products meet or exceed all of your specifications, and we comply with all quality certifications.

We have a team of professionals who provide customized services. Our idea of serving begins with our ability to know and understand your needs and then meet them with great accuracy. Since we are not involved in compounding activities of fragrances or flavors, Brenntag does not compete with our customers. This ensures complete confidentiality in the products we handle, allowing us to establish relationships based on trust.

Our competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage has been achieved by the reliability our products, supported by excellent prices and service. We have an excellent reputation for handling flexible market strategies and for our ability to adjust to the changing needs of our customers.

We have made significant investments in finding new supplier sources, designing logistics systems and implementing the most sophisticated technologies that allow us to offer your company the most competitive products. We offer food products milling services, powder and high quality liquids mixtures and the competitive edge of advanced technology facilities that provide tailored solutions.


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