A global leader in the distribution of chemical products and ingredients, Brenntag also works with the agro sector, convinced that its products and services contribute to a sustainable increase in productivity in the field, a fact that will ensure food for future generations. Through a global network, in more than 70 countries, we work with our customers and partners promoting a culture of innovation and access to the best technologies for foliar nutrition and application of inputs in the most diverse cultures.

In Brazil, we are present in all producing regions, bringing our Technical and Commercial team much closer to the challenges faced, always with the objective of clearly understanding the requirements and demands that reach our customers. We have a large certified production area in the city of Guarulhos/SP, which has laboratories with the most modern equipment that, together with our dedicated professionals, allows us to guarantee operational excellence in an agile, safe way and with maximum economic efficiency.

The liquid fertilizer line is a Brenntag specialty that offers solutions to meet the most diverse needs in crop nutrition with an exclusive line of complete formulas, with macro and micronutrients in a balanced and balanced way with the water - soil - plant system.


Indicated to improve the action of phytosanitary products, foliar fertilizers, biodefensives, among others, we highlight the improvement in performance in terms of penetration, absorption, retention and coverage of active ingredient, avoiding losses due to dripping and allowing better efficiency in phytosanitary management.


Brennfeed Nitrates nitrogen is 100% in nitric form (NO3-), the most noble source of N for mineral plant nutrition. The formulations are developed in a balanced and specific way for each culture and region, combining macro and micronutrients essential to the development of plants in each phenological stage.

Brennfeed Nitrates
The perfect nutrition via leaf. Nitrates are the anions absorbed more quickly by the leaves and act as "carriers" of the accompanying ions such as Ca, Mg, Mn and Zn, increasing the efficiency of absorption of these nutrients. Due to this characteristic, nitrates present the best results compared to other sources. Thus, the Brennfeed Nitrates line presents the best efficiency with the lowest dosages - The best cost x benefit for the crops!

Own Brand

Nutrition products for crops
Brenntag's Agricultural Division offers its partners a modern system for developing specific liquid formulations for each customer, according to the needs of their bussines.

Formulation market, tailored investment
Brenntag has stablished an outsourcing program that aims to bring industrialization solutions and help its customers in processes such as: mixtures, packaging, among others.

We contribute responsibly with specialized industries in formulations of fertilizers, adjuvants and agricultural defense agents, we have as an example a portfolio of national and imported chemical products that go through a rigorous process for homologation to guarantee quality and procedure. Modern facilities, high tanking capacity, solid and liquid frameworks, fractionation stations and presence in various states, allied with solid partnerships with global expression, allow us to be competitive, efficient and safe.


We have a highly qualified technical department, which provides training programs adapted to the real needs of customers and provides scientific advice on crop nutrition, focusing on Research & Development activities, responsible for:

  • Direct the studies carried out by the R&D area, evaluating the results
  • Promote, through ideas and actions, research, studies, conferences and seminars
  • Offer specialized support to the sales team and customers,
    in any technical or scientific question


We foster innovation and efficiency in the crop nutrition industry, providing technologies and solutions capable of responding to emerging individual and collective needs and developing projects aimed at strengthening competitiveness through the best scientific methodologies and logistical strategy.

With policies of investing in technological and scientific development, the company seeks to take decisive actions on some issues of strategic interest and to increase the effective cooperation between private companies, universities, research institutes, customers and producers, contributing to the growth of all in a chain of agile business with global reach.


Our laboratories develop products and services with the aim of guaranteeing the best performance results for our customers. They also allow the development of tailor-made solutions which meets the specific needs of customers, who can count on the in-depth knowledge of the team and state-of-the-art structure. In addition to providing services regarding mix compatibility and water quality.


The production of Brenntag fertilizers follows an international integrated CASA® system for quality, safety and environmental management, in compliance with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 and OHSAS18001 standards, ensuring high quality and safety standards for products and services.

Brenntag branded nutrition products for crops

Brenntag's Agricultural Division offers its partners a modern system for developing specific liquid formulations for each customer. It has laboratories dedicated to the development of these formulations, in Brazil and other countries, with trained professionals and modern equipment for creating and quality control of formulas 100% soluble in water. The liquid formulation technology offers the farmer safety and practicality, increasing the operational yield in the field and reducing errors or failures in conventional fertilization. In Brazil, formulas are developed for foliar application, fertigation, hydroponics, seed treatment, soil conditioners, among others, combining mineral nutrients with additives, complexing or chelating agents, resulting in better performance in the field.

Formulation market, tailored investment

Brenntag has an outsourcing program that aims to bring industrialization solutions to its customers in processes such as: mixtures, packaging, among others. The company has flexible and expanded facilities, which allow the provision of varied services and quick responses to the needs of the market. It also invests in new logistical and industrialization processes, according to the clients' special needs, always offering a viable alternative for its business.

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