Case Study: The vegan reinvention of pastry

Homemade Chocolate Chip and Bannana Muffins-Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera

Studio photo of homemade sugar cookies with color sprinkles. Selective focus on top of broken cookie in center.

Nowadays, a well-balanced and joyful diet goes hand in hand with healthy, convenient and sustainable products. One significant demand arising from this development is vegan food. Vegan diets have become much more than just a trend or green alternative to conventional food. In fact, it is a movement of a new global awareness of environmentally friendly production and consumption, which is continously growing with new products and increasing sales.

Great Taste, but No Eggs, Please

The major U.S. pastry manufacturer JP’s Pastry is following this movement and decided to reformulate its gluten-free pastry recipe to respond to consumers’ demands. Located in North Carolina, JP’s Pastry is an online provider specializing in baking gluten-free, artisanal cupcakes and pastries. They asked Brenntag to find a plant-based alternative to eggs which could perform a similar role – of course without affecting taste or texture.

Re-Inventing Pastry, Vegan Style

Our Food & Nutrition (F&N) team at Brenntag North America assisted JP’s Pastry in mastering this challenge by applying our passion for great food, the experience of our partners and our credentials to meet JP’s Pastry’s needs. Leveraging the expertise of our application specialists, Brenntag used alpha-Cyclodextrin, which is an effective emulsifier and foaming agent that can mask unpleasant flavors and aromas and even reduce cholesterol.

Brenntag assisted JP’s Pastry in all stages of research and development (R&D) at its own laboratories and beyond. In the end, we found a fitting solution and JP’s Pastry was able to start manufacturing its proposed gluten-free, vegan pastry with a cost-effective impact on production.

Trusted Partnerships as a Key to Sucessful Innovation in Vegan Food

Brenntag’s solution to use alpha-Cyclodextrin as an alternative to eggs proved to be the right fit for JP’s Pastry. And with our close and trustful cooperation with our partners and our wide range of specialist teams, we can elevate the vegan movement to a higher level at a lower price.

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