You're in expert hands with ExxonMobil and Brenntag

You need a hydrocarbon fluids supplier who understands your business, your finished product performance requirements and the science behind the metalworking industries.

You also need a supplier who can enable you and your customers to meet increasingly strict health, safety and environmental requirements.

We’re committed to helping you protect worker and end-user health while managing your environmentalresponsibilities.

As the world’s number one chemical distributor and supplier of ExxonMobil hydrocarbon fluids, we offer all this and more. With Brenntag, you and your customers are in expert hands, and you know that you can proceed with us with confidence!

The IsoparTM fluids range offers:

  • excellent spreading and wetting properties
  • purity and safety
  • a variety of volatilities and flash points for greater formulation flexibility
  • a completely inert nature with excellent all-round compatibility
  • a wide range of operating temperatures

Why IsoparTM is the solvent for you

Discover our high-quality, high-purity range of IsoparTM fluids, tailored specifically for use in metalworking industries. IsoparTM improves:

  • Performance
  • Operational competitiveness
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Increased lifespan of formulated products

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