What is Rhodoline DF 642 NI

Rhodoline DF642NI is an emulsifiable, Silica-type, oil based defoamer and anti-webbing agent. It's readily dispersible in water, and can be added at the end of polymerisation or at any stage of a compounded formulation. It gives substantial freedom from defects such as "fish eyes" and surface imperfection during film formation. It has long lasting and high efficiency for maximum economy. It is effective in acidic or alkaline systems.

  • Synonyms: Distillates (petroleum), Hydrotreated heavy paraffinic, White mineral oil (petroleum)
  • INCI: Rhodoline DF 642 NI
  • CAS Number: 64742-54-7, 8042-47-5

Product Specifications


CAS Number 64742-54-7, 8042-47-5

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