What is Rhodoline DF 6002

Highly efficient foam control agent for aqueous systems. It is 100% active, highly effective at low concentrations and unaffected by extremes of temperature of pH. Possesses long lasting efficiency even on prolonged storage in paints, lattices, etc. Offers very fast bubble break- especially important in some modes of application. Does not contain alkyl phenol ethoxylate based surfactant. It is designed primarily for use in the manufacture of a wide range of paints.

  • Synonyms: Alcohols, C12-15, Distillates (petroleum), N,N'-ethylenedi(stearamide), White mineral oil (petroleum)
  • INCI: Rhodoline DF 6002
  • CAS Number: 68131-39-5, 110-30-5, 8042-47-5

Product Specifications


CAS Number 68131-39-5, 110-30-5, 8042-47-5

Uses and Applications for Rhodoline DF 6002


  • Coatings & Construction

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