Application Kitchen

Food applications kitchen

Since the initial set-up in the first quarter of 2012, various projects have been undertaken; basic raw material tests to specific application tests, through to development of final recipes. This provides added value to the sales team and particularly to the customers regarding selection and application of raw materials for foodstuffs.

Using a combination of raw materials from the Brenntag portfolio, creative and efficient solutions, far beyond single supplier suggestions, can be delivered to the customer. Additionally, the possibility of doing basic tests in the Application Kitchen can save the customer precious time.

The equipment in the Application Kitchen was chosen for its versatile application capabilities. Basic processes of various industries can be reproduced on a small-scale (see equipment and applications overview).

A tasting and presentation room attached to the Application Kitchen offers the opportunity for active participation in activities in the kitchen and can be used for demonstrations and training for the sales team and for customers.

  Smiling handsome chef seasoning his soup
1Vacuum Packaging Machine Klar Pac VM12
Vacuum packaging of plastic pouches
2Electric Stove with Baking Oven Gorenje EC67422AX
3Carbonization Device Aqua Privat System 300Carbonization of beverages (PET-bottles)
4Universal Machine Stephan UMC-5Shearing, cuttering, mixing, agitating, kneading, pureeing, emulsifying, heating, cooling
5Ice Cream Freezer Carpigiani Labo 12-18Production of ice cream
6Semi-industrial Dishwasher Miele G7857 TD AESpecial function: thermal conservation
7Homogenizator (one stage) SPX AVP 1000Emulsifying, homogenizing, dispersing; up to 1000 bar
8Can Closing Device Lanico Trumpf 38Manual closing of sample cans
9Universal agitating machine (x2) Kitchen Aid K45Mixing, kneading, beating, agitating, grinding
10Microwave Oven Bosch HMT75M451Maximum performance 800 W
11Shock Froster Tecnomac T3Blast chilling, blast freezing

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