Mineral oils

Mineral oils are often used in cosmetics like lipsticks, creams, deodorants and sun protection products. While petroleum jelly, for example, is a pure mineral-oil product, mineral oils are used in lower concentrations in many other cosmetics. For use in cosmetics, mineral oils go through many complex filtration processes after which only hydrocarbons remain. It is known as “white oil” at this stage since it is colorless and clear.

A nearly infinite shelf life

Mineral oils offer numerous advantages in cosmetics: they have a very long shelf life, do not go bad and elicit almost no allergic reactions. According to a recent Federal Institute for Risk Assessment study, “there are no health risks associated with using highly refined mineral oils to be expected.”

Link to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment study (German only)

The list of uses for mineral oils is long: they can be used to achieve the desired creams viscosity, reduce the static charge of a product, and protect and moisturize the skin. At Brenntag you will find the right agents for your product.