Because water and oil are very difficult to mix, emulsifiers (from the Latin ex mulgere, literally “to milk out”) need to be used as stabilizers. These excipients facilitate the formation of emulsions and prevent the substances from separating into their individual constituents – a process known as “emulsion breaking”.

Emulsions have widely varying lifetimes. Some disintegrate after a few hours, others remain stable for several years. The separation process in the oil and water phase is strongly influenced by several factors, including the quality and pH value of a product and the storage temperature. Each emulsion goes through five phases before it disintegrates: Stable emulsion, sedimentation, Ostwald ripening, aggregation and finally coalescence.

Creams and lotions for dry and oily skin types

There are two basic types of emulsions: water-in-oil (W/O) and oil-in-water (O/W). For dry skin, the cosmetics industry uses W/O emulsions in creams because of their oily properties. The properties of O/W emulsions are quite different: they are highly moisturizing and are quickly absorbed by the skin.

These lotions are best used by consumers with normal to oily skin. Everything from a single source: Brenntag boasts a wide range of cosmetics products for customers to choose from. Here you will find an extensive range of emulsifiers that meet your precise needs. We can also develop recipes for our customers in our highly specialized cosmetics lab and deliver them to you as finished mixtures.

„As a world-leading chemical distribution company, we have access to a wide range of various cosmetics ingredients. This includes an array of special emulsifiers and high-end plant oils, as well as functional and innovative agents. Our qualified team can develop tailored solutions for you and provide invaluable support for your business.”

Anke Langen, Business Manager Cosmetics Brenntag DACH