Colors and pigments

A shower gel that comes in a dull, grey bottle wouldn’t be very eye-catching, and an eyeshadow that lacks color would not achieve the aesthetic effect it is intended to. Colors are an essential part of all cosmetics. They give products their unique character and evoke a certain vitality for their users. After all, it’s not just femininity that red lips have been representing for over 100 years.

Colorants can be divided into two groups, which clearly differ from one another in terms of key properties: colors and pigments.

Lasting vibrancy desired

Pigments, on the other hand, are used primarily in decorative cosmetics as they are usually expected to maintain the vibrancy of the colorant for as long as possible. They are usually of mineral origin. In the medium they are dispersed in, meaning they are finely grated and added to the respective medium as small particles. For this reason they do not dissolve in soluble cosmetics in which they are used. This is the case when they are used in bath bombs, for example.

Our comprehensive range of products includes water- and oil-soluble organic colorous and pigments, as well as inorganic, surface-treated pigments. With high-quality agents from Brenntag, you can turn your products into strong statements.